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Opened in June of 2010, Natalie (the owner) uprooted her salon that was based in South County and started a new journey. During this time “The Grove” was still being restored with only a few of the staple bars that still remain today.  Off the main strip of Manchester it was a huge risk that she was willing to take. Formally known as Arco Hair Company the salon at that time, was only providing hair services.  As the years and the area started growing itself, the salon needed a face lift.  Adding the wine bar/boutique, manicures, makeup, and a facial room, the name Arco Hair Company didn’t seem to fit anymore, so the name changed to Zephyr.  Zephyr will continue to evolve and develop as the area continues to grow, the ambience when you walk into the place is meant to give the feel of being at home, its a new style of business creating an atmosphere of comfort and upbeat!  The staff at Zephyr are “real people” you can relate to and connect with, we work as a team to give you a personalized and relatable experience and that is what you deserve!

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About Our Team

Their story:

Brittney Sparks


I have 3 passions in my life.  First passion is tacos, as a kid growing up “them good ole taco”  had a special place in my heart.  Second passion I have is I am obsessed with dogs!  You don’t have to ask, YES! I would love to see a picture of your dog proudly.  Third passion I have is the beauty industry.   I went on a tour at Paul Mitchell Academy (a beauty school located in the CWE) with my best friend. The moment I walked through the door, I knew being behind the chair was exactly where I wanted to be.  I will happily relate and adapt to your needs, and I will pay attention to the details you ask with a personalized service because that is my ultimate goal!

  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Design Haircuts 100%
  • Hair Coloring 100%
  • Manicures 100%
  • Makeup 75%
  • Skin Care/Bodycare 50%

Natalie Harvey


Entrepreneur, single mom, and hairdresser are the three things I proudly do in my life.  Most ask how I have time to juggle everything, but I choose to make it my priority. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  I have several different certifications in the hair industry from hair coloring, cutting, extensions, keratin treatments.  My thirst for learning continues to grow rapidly, and I am also developing a bodycare line by scratch that gives me great pleasure in cooking up wholesome goodies without consuming the calories!  I make long term friends and relationships with the clients I have today.  We grow and build together.

  • Customer Happiness 100%
  • Haircoloring 100%
  • Design Haircuts 100%
  • Makeup 75%
  • Skincare/Bodycare 100%

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