Welcome!  We are located at 1924 Pestalozzi Street, Saint Louis, MO 63118.  We have been established since July of 2010 and are happy to be a part of the Benton Park neighborhood since August of 2018.  We are currently in the process of updating our website please bare with us!

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Meet The Team

  Paige Carnett


I am a music junkie and a total foodie.  Some would say I am a “crazy” dog mom.  (I have six)  I have a passion for my craft and a fresh perspective.  I love all aspects of the hair and beauty industry.  Some of my favorite services are fresh fades, balayages, and makeup applications.  Nothing gives me more life then helping my clients reach their style goals and also snuggling with my dogs.

Megan Stovall


I enjoy being a (obsessive) dog mom of two, and also have a passion for all things in hair & anything relating to the beauty industry.  I enjoy fashion tones, hair painting, & formulating all spectrums of red!  Techniques & trends change fast in our industry, which is exactly why I further my education by attending as many classes as possible.  I love it!!  I enjoy understanding personality & lifestyle to help create the best look for each individual during their visit. Making everyone sitting in my chair look good and feel good that is my passion and that is what I am here for!

Natalie Harvey


Entrepreneur, mother of two, and hairdressing are the three things I proudly do in my life.  Most will ask how I have time to juggle everything, but I choose to make it my priority. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  I have several different certifications in the hair industry from hair coloring, cutting, extensions, keratin treatments.  My thirst for learning continues to grow rapidly, and I am also developing a bodycare line by scratch that gives me great pleasure in cooking up wholesome goodies without consuming the calories!  I make long term friends and relationships with the clients I have today.  We grow and build together.